Meet Doug McClure

Doug is the Founder and CEO of Lure Promo. His company understands the importance of sitting down and talking with each of their clients to help figure out what will work for them. Lure Promo always want the client’s vision to be involved in their process. The company can find solutions that will truly save you on budget and time. It is their goal to find you the most attractive items available within your budget.

One of their most popular tag lines is “if you have ever been fishing you know that it takes the right things to attract the fish. The same goes for business, the right attractant will turn the heads of your clients your way.”

Lure Promo appreciates to have fun and if you have some fun things to share with them, please do! Pardon the wording but if it ain’t fun don’t do it. Promotional products and corporate apparel are fun for Lure Promo!

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